New Products...

Our new 1:3 scale Prestige Parachute Harness complete with high detail webbing and bag.

To compliment our existing range of parachute harnesses is our new 1:3 scale Prestige Parachute Bag, this not only has the highly detailed webbing and metal fittings of our Premium harness but also includes a scale bag with open top so you can add or remove the wadding to emphasise the look.

Our range now has 3 parachute harness options to suit any budget

Don't forget we also have a range of seatbelt harnesses to match.

Our new range of headphones are out at last and available in various scales. This is an product we have been working on for several months,, slowly perfecting the appearance and manufacturing to a point where we are proud of the result. They maintain the style of our previous units but with added detail for more scale realism.


RAF Red Arrows pilots (1:5, 1:4, 1:3.5 & 1:3 scales)

Our superb new Prestige Jet Harness has high quality webbing with front & back detail for the ultimate in scale realism.
There is now a harness choice to suit any budget.


Quality Features...

We believe that our pilots are the finest quality available today, packed with scale features and detail that place our products above the rest. Other manufacturers use the same parts for several different sizes, not us, all of our pilots have accessories made specifically for that scale and quite often in a choice of styles!

Each one of our figures is painstakingly hand made with many unique features never before seen on a model pilot, our seatbelts for instance have metal fittings and stitch detail to mimic the original. A lot of the parts we use are sculpted in house by our own artists, we also produce patches and can add logos to caps and hats for that bespoke look.


Scales & Styles...

We have the largest range of sizes including 1:7, 1:6, 1:5, 1:4, 1:3.5, 1:3, 1:2.5, 1:2.25 and 1:2. These can be bought in various styles that include Civilian, Jet, Glider, Heli, WW1, WW2 and Golden Era. Several of our figures also have an animatronic option for total realism.

We often get asked for a bespoke service, be it custom painting on helmets or extra detailing on clothes. We can offer this service but it depends on our workload at the time, therefore this option is not always available, especially if on a tight deadline.


Part of a winning team...

Over the years we have had the honour to produce pilots for some of the most prestigious modellers from around the world with several top wins at Top Gun, Florida Jets and the Jet World Masters to name but a few.

Wherever there is a need for the ultimate scale representation of a pilot then it's us they call on to help fill that space. We pride ourselves on our acheivements over the years and the service we provide together with the large selection of options and scale features.

We have created pilots for some amazing aircraft built by international expert builders such as Phil from Pinnacle Aviation, Trond from Exact Aircraft, Bernd from SPP Modelbau and Steve and Matt Bishop from Bishop Aviation to name just a few.

We're recommended by some of the largest model manufacturers with pilots produced for Jets, Gliders and Civilian aircraft from Paritech, Aviation Design, TopModel SAS, Airworld and Tomahawk.


Social Media

A lot of our internet presence is through Facebook, we use this to show new figures together with the latest news and developments.

Facebook also gives us a large network of customers and friends in the  trade, ideal for promoting other products that compliment our own and in return spread our name to those who have yet to find us. 


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